Galuchat-tanned ray

The skin of the ray, the famous warm sea fish with a cartilaginous mantle, was used in Asia from ancient times: in fact, some artefacts (sword scabbards and objects of everyday use) are well-preserved in the museums of that continent. It was, however, in 18th-century Europe that J. C. Galuchat, a craftsman at the court of Versailles, was able to develop a technique for making the skin of this fish bright and colourful: hence, the origin of Galuchat-tanned ray. Since then it was used for furnishings, the production of small valuable objects, and even building decorations. Today it is mainly used for the production of clothing accessories. The tanneries able to process this leather, which today occupies a privileged position among luxury goods, are very few and mostly located in France and Italy. Our workshop is able to make the most of the beauty of this exceptional leather for the production of wallets, belts and bracelets.